Vetiver Hand Cream 500ml


An herbaceous and complex treatment to renew the hands and ground emotion. Grassy vetiver and earthy nettle layer atop crisp petitgrain notes.

A regenerative hand cream to stimulate collagen production and minimise trans-epidermal water loss for deep hydration. Formulated with certified organic plant lipids, fragrant botanicals and skin-conditioning calendula extract. 

Presented in glass bottles designed to be reused, refilled or recycled. 

Sweet almond and macadamia oils: rich in fatty acids to improve skin tone; skin synergistic for ready absorption; deeply nourishing.Aloe vera: naturally soothing for sensitive skin; increases collagen synthesis.Calendula: softens and soothes dry skin; rich in antimicrobial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory compounds to naturally cleanse and calm; promotes healthy and radiant skin.Vitamin e: protects skin cells from damage and supports barrier function.

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