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Dig Tree Cup

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The ill-fated Burke and Wills expedition was the first to cross Australia from south to north. The expedition left Melbourne on 20 August 1860.

Burke and company forged ahead to the northern coast reaching Flinders River on 9 February 1861, whilst the remainder of the party stayed at Coopers Creek. Upon returning and weakened by starvation and exposure, to discover the remaining party had unwillingly abandoned the depot, leaving a message on a tree pointing to a cache of hidden stores.

The Burke and Wills ‘Dig Tree’ is one of Australia’s national icons and an enduring reminder of the pioneering spirit and extreme harshness of the Outback.

. Designed in Australia + crafted in Arita, Japan
. Made using a 400 year old tradition
. Arita porcelain
. Traditional cobalt blue
. 8 x 8.5 cm
. For display or to serve
. Dishwasher and microwave safe
. Comes with gift box and information insert

ARITAYAKI - since 1616
Arita is known as the home of Imari porcelain, internationally the most famous type of Japanese pottery. The distinctive Japanese Arita porcelain is renowned for its superb quality and the tradition of porcelain making dating back 400 years, when Korean potters first discovered kaolin, a superior quality white clay in Arita and introduced the art of pottery to Japan.

COBALT BLUE - a Japanese heritage
The traditional blue and white cobalt oxide underglaze that has been in use in Japan from the earliest time of porcelain production.

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