Luminous Sun Playmat Dusty Pink

$59.50 $119

Introducing our brand new circle mat, where fun is on an unending loop and imagination goes all round! This one’s for those who prefer to think outside the box. It’s for those who choose to create their own shapes, space and superheroes who will join them on their quest and adventures. 

It’s soft to touch and made from high-quality, 100% cotton jersey material. It comes in dusty pink that perfectly matches any space in your home so you can enjoy being with your little one in their bedroom or watch over them while they journey on new adventures in your living space.


100% Cotton soft jersey material
Circle shape
Rose gold crafted leatherette border
Comfy polyester filling
Quilted mat

Shape: Circle 
Dimensions: 1m diameter 
Made from: 100% Cotton Jersey with crafted leatherette border

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