Bibs Dummy - 2 Pack - Ivory


Have you heard of BIBS Dummies? These are one of the most popular pacifiers currently in Australia and continue to take the country by storm. 

You will love that the BIBS Dummies come in an amazing range of colours...literally every colour of the rainbow. 

BIBS dummies are a product of Denmark and are made in compliance with Australian and European safety standards (EN Safety Standard 1400 & AU 2432).

BIBS Dummies have a cherry teat design which babies love and is great for both breastfed and formula fed babies. The teat is made from a 100% natural rubber. BIBS dummies are 100% BPA, PVC & Phthalates free. 

Size 2 BIBS Dummies are most suitable from 6 months to 18 months, however many parents do use them from newborn age.

Bibs Dummies have also collaborated with two Australian Mothers to confirm that their newborn babies would take the size 2 dummy and all three babies includes one set of twins did take to the size 2 dummy. However, you may find results could differ for Premature or Babies who are below an average birth weight. 

Size: 2 which is suitable from birth until weaning. 

Pack Size: 2 pack, so you'll never be without one! 

Due to hygienic reasons, we are not able to offer exchanges on this product. Please ensure that BIBS Dummies are sterilised before use. BIBS Dummies do not come with a cover or cap.

Please note, that due to the use of natural rubber, BIBS Dummies will stretch with use. Therefore if you do purchase new dummies and compare them to used ones of the same size, you may find that the new ones will be smaller than the older dummies. 

Actual colours may vary slightly from image that is shown.


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