Vivra Vivid Madagascar Large



Introducing, the very first designs in the new VIVRA 'VIVID' range.

What's the 'VIVID' range?

Sure, the solid colours in our 'BASE' range are staples in any wardrobe but sometimes the occasion or your outfit calls out for something more.  This is where the 'VIVID' range comes in. 

With the latest and trendiest designs your VIVRA can now match even your finest garments.  At the same time, it has all of the features of the 'BASE' range that you know and love.

Whether you're walking, working out or simply running around doing your day to day activities, it's designed to fit into your lifestyle seamlessly.

The frameless silhouette allows you to carry more and the sleek neoprene covering and soft lycra interior ensures that your VIVRA will be the most trendy and modern lifestyle and activewear accessory this season and every season after that, period.

Just like our existing VIVRAs the VIVID range has a patented belt-free and bi-fold design that is as ingenious as it is simple. It simply folds over the waistband of any garment and is snapped securely into place with special neodymium magnets – meaning that mobile phones won't be affected and that the VIVRA won't move an inch, even during rigorous physical activity. 

To all of our friends who suffer from allergies and anaphylaxes, you'll be glad to know that the VIVRA will comfortably hold two EpiPens together with your phone and other essentials. (Please remember that your EpiPens should not be subjected to temperatures outside of the safe range). 

WARNING: The VIVRA attaches with strong magnets. Women who may be pregnant should only use after seeking medical advice. Extreme caution should be taken when using the VIVRA around laptops, computers, insulin pumps, pacemakers, or any other electronic devices with moving parts. VIVRA International Pty Ltd accepts no responsibility for any injury or loss sustained as a result of misuse. 

NOTE: The VIVRA is best worn with pants that have a snug fitting waistband. If worn with a loose waistband it will invariably bounce.

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