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TGC Moonstone Crystal

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The moon has an extraordinary influence over our behaviours, emotions and spiritual growth, and a wondrous affect on our sleep patterns. Believed to be born from the moon’s ray, Moonstone has gentle calming powers which encourage peaceful slumber.  

  • Soothes emotional distress
  • Inspires composure
  • Boosts confidence


Keep on the window sill during the full moon to absorb the moon’s energy. When needed, hold the crystal in your hand, think serene thoughts, and place it under your pillow for a recharging night’s sleep. Moonstone work hard to remove negative energy from around you, so make sure you run your crystal under cool water every one to two weeks to re-purify it.

Approximate size: 5-6cm tall

Please note size and clarity may differ, as they are natural gems and each one is unique.

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