Picca Loulou

Corduroy Rabbit with Bow Tie Soft Toy in Green

$27.45 $54.95

The incredible creatures of Picca Loulou live in their own magical world... And your little one can become a part of that world, too! Your beautiful child will develop the creativity and imagination thanks to these colorful characters made from soft plush fabrics. Made out of sustainable and natural materials and coming in fantastic gift boxes, Picca Loulou items are the perfect gift idea.

The sweet fairytale world will come to your little one's room together with this adorable little rabbit from Picca Loulou! The lovely plush friend is presented in a very stylish gift box with a recipe included for making cherry sparkle pop for the moon party which is every rabbit's favorite! And on the back of the box, you will find a beautiful bedtime story to read to your little one before the trip to the dreamland! Size: 18 cm


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