Mr Maria

Miffy - Extra Large


Years ago this iconic bunny was set alight

Because her peaceful presence deserved to be bright

Now, Miffy is seen in every country

Sitting quietly with friends, shining and happy 

Info & specs

Sweet and serene, the Miffy lamps work as a nightlight for kids and adults alike. This charming light object exudes a soft, warm glow - ideal for storytelling with the young ones at bed time, or even as décor for any modern interior.

The XL version is 80 cm high a remote controlled LED module. With Dim, Wake Up and Sleep timer functionality. Take a look at the other Mr Maria Miffy Lamps in the Dick Bruna collection.


Color: White
Dimmer: Stepless
Weight: 5kg
Lamp: LED
Dimensions: 40x40x80cm
Material: Polyethylene
Made in: Netherlands

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