Muskhane Grizzly Pasu Rug Light Stone


Muskhane Grizzly Pasu Rug Light Stone 120CM

We completely fell in love with these round kids rugs the first time we saw them! The simple animal character on one side adds a load of fun personality, and the plain side adds versatility. Perfect for a corner of your child's bedroom or playroom.

 Product Details:

  • Size

     : 120cm diameter.
  • Material

     : 100% felt - a renewable material.
  • Care Instructions

    • Vacuum the rug regularly, especially early on, to remove the excess wool associated with its manufacture.
    • In the case of stains, absorb immediately and rub gently with a damp sponge. You can also use soap or a suitable stain remover if traces persist.
    • In case of significant damage, wash with warm water by rubbing it with soap. Squeeze out excess water without twisting and dry it flat. You can iron it wet so that it gets back its original shape. If your carpet makes pilling, carefully cut it with a pair of scissors.
  • Fair trade product, handmade in Nepal.


About Muskhane:

 Designed in France and handmade in Nepal by local artisans using exclusively natural and renewable materials. Muskhane is Nepalese for "smile" and all of their products bring joy. Muskhane strives to leave a minimal footprint on the environment whilst making a positive impact on the lives of their partners through fair trade and sustainable commerce.

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