Ay-Kasa Foldable Crates Midi (Medium)


Ay-Kasa Foldable Crates Midi

Aykasa Folding Crates are designed for creative home organizing and storage. You can make your daily life easier and more practical with this folding crate. Different size alternatives for your proper functional use and different colour alternatives for your aesthetic pleasure... When you are not actively using the folding crate, you can fold and save space. Very superimposable and very durable under high load. You can use at home, office, outdoor, car, warehouse and anywhere you imagine!

exterior 40 x 30 x 14,5 cm

interior 37,6 x 27,6 x 14 cm

folded 40 x 30 x 2,7 cm (it takes up only 20% of its original space!)

Capacity 15 liters

Loading Capacity 8 kg

eco-friendly: made with 100% recyclable material

made in Turkey


The Danish brand, Aykasa produces beautifully coloured foldable boxes. The boxes are available in three different sizes and offer various functional storage solutions; use it for toys, accessories, spices, hygiene products, clothes or maybe in the back of the car for groceries. The possibilities are endless. When they are not in use, they are easily folded and stacked and takes up very little space. The boxes are made of pp plastic, which means they are ‘foodsafe’ and thereby approved for contact with food. The plastic type is easily reused and thus environmentally friendly. In addition the boxes are maintenance-free and long-lasting.

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