Picca Loulou


$28 $56

Kitty-Cat -  33 cm - 13"

Kitty-Cat just loves her dresses. This is one of her favourites, pink with daisies. She says it makes her feel like Spring! And who wouldn't want to feel like that? Picca Loulou Moon Parties are the best! 

In a magical world, not far from ours, live the wise and happy creatures of Picca Loulou. 

Together with their beloved friend Moon, they bring joy and happiness to children all around. 

The colorful characters are designed to stimulate your little one’s creativity and imagination and every item will cheer up any room. Rabbit 

Sweet stories lie as a foundation for the high quality craftsmanship of the Picca Loulou collection. 

Made of sustainable and natural materials and wrapped up in the prettiest giftboxes, they are a one-of-a-kind gift. And stay tuned; soon you’ll be able to dress up as your favourite character as well! 


Your Picca Loulou item is handcrafted. You can wash it, but we don't recommend using a machine. Hand wash only. 

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