Kirstin Ash

First Light Necklace (sterling silver)


There's a freshness to the First Light Necklace. With oceanic tones and pure radiance reflected from its use of gemstones, there's an effortless elegance infused throughout this piece, a lightness that borders on the ethereal. Featuring a freshwater pearl, white topaz and a tiny moonstone cluster on a fine chain, the First Light Necklace is delicate in detail, yet enduring in longevity. Classic and refreshing, this piece will elevate your look today, and for many years to come.

As the first light reflects on the ocean, you can feel the pull of the sea. Radiating sparkle and a crystalline intensity, By the Sea Solid Collection muses on the strength of the water, the lure of nostalgia, and the elegant shape of femininity.

The second collaboration for Kirstin Ash and Olive Rose Cooke, By the Sea Solid Collection echoes the essence and intention of its preceding series, while infusing sophistication in each timeless design.

Made from solid 9K gold, sterling silver and gemstones this curated collection observes the delicacy of the ocean's treasure, pays homage to its subtle and sculptural detail, harnesses an untamed feminine power; and encapsulates an innate passion for the sea. Perfectly imperfect, an heirloom for the ages, By the Sea Solid Collection is designed for everyday wear. Revel in the artistry of these forever pieces.

  • Sterling silver 925
  • Chain length: adjustable between 15-17"
  • Freshwater Pearl: 3.3mm
  • White Topaz: 2.2mm
  • White Topaz: 1.5mm

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