Chakra healing and balance ring

The Chakra healing and balance ring is solid sterling silver with Swarovski crystals and is adjustable with a width of 13mm, will fit finger sizes small M - N (7) to large Q - R (9) by carefully opening or closing the opening at the back. This ring has delicate bezel set stones. When adjusting, please open very it carefully and minimally so as not to weaken the stones' settings.
This Chakra healing and balance ring is handcrafted in solid sterling silver with coloured Swarovski crystals. The coloured Swarovski crystals represent each of the 7 centres of spiritual power in the human body which are connected to organs and glands. Wearing this ring symbolises your seven chakras at their right energy levels giving balance to the wearer. This ring design is based on our best selling Baci ring and is adjustable from small to large which takes away any sizing issue when selecting rings for a gift.


13mm across top (adjustable)


Sterling silver and Swarovski crystals

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