Face Roller - Rose Quartz


Facial rolling has been used for centuries and is a soothing technique which many in the beauty game have added to their daily routine. It’s relaxing and de stressing and aids in supporting the lymphatic system which is your body’s major detoxification system. Face rolling has the ability of reducing inflammation and bringing oxygen to the skin which improves your overall glow. Simply cleanse and tone as you normally would, and then add a light facial oil to assist the roller in gliding over the skin. We love leaving the Rose Quartz Face Roller in the fridge for approx half an hour before use, as the crystal takes on an extra cooling and soothing effect once its temperature has been lowered. So why Rose Quartz- because its methaphysically connected to the heart chakra, and is said to unclog, and relieve stress & negativity. How to use? Always roll in upwards direction. When working around the eyes, always start from the eye socket outwards.     Available now!

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